Participating home owners go to great lengths to prepare and decorate their homes, usually in the Christmas spirit, for visitors to enjoy. Generally, 8-12 homes participate, along with churches and public buildings.

Historic Zoning Information

Service Projects

A meeting of CHHCO Membership has been scheduled at 4:00 pm Sunday, November 17, at the current
First Christian Church facility, 324 Morgan Ave, to discuss and vote whether to obtain the old First
Christian Church at 401 Morgan Avenue (corner of Cumberland St) as a renovation project and to
establish the facility as the Historic Organization headquarters. The Harriman Community at Large is
invited to attend, however only those who are Members of CHHCO will be allowed to cast their vote for
or against the purchase of the property and structure at 401 Morgan Ave. CHHCO Members are those
who have attended or participated in any CHHCO activities throughout the life of the Organization.

The meeting will include a presentation by the CHHCO Board regarding the purchase, with an
opportunity for the members of CHHCO and general public to express their support or concerns. For
additional information prior to the meeting, refer the CHHCO website and Facebook page.

Upcoming community events:

Oct 18 - CHHCO Harriman Hauntings Tour

Oct 19 - CHHCO Harriman Hauntings Tour

Oct 28 - Downtown Harriman Trunk or Treat

Dec 14 - CHHCO Christmas Tour of Homes

Dec 15 - CHHCO Christmas Tour of Homes