Past Service Projects and Donations:

2007 - Commercial size period lighting in Killeffer Park. Located on Cumberland Street.

2008 - Concreted walking trail in  Killeffer Park.

2008 - Restored historic brick sidewalks at the corner of Walden & Trenton Streets.

2009 - Designed and built a large multi-purpose Gazebo in Killeffer Park.

2009 - Landscaping at Killeffer Park.

2010 - Donated $1000.00 to the Temperance Building Restoration Fund.

2011-Temperance Hall Donation

2012-Killeffer Park Trash Cans Purchase

2013-Pumpkin Carving Party

2014-Killeffer Park Playground Equipment Purchase
-Harriman Garden Club Donation
-Pumpkin Carving Party

2015-Friends of the Library Donation -Gazebo Upgrade

2016 -Friends of the Library Donation  -Sidewalk Addition to Gazebo

2017 - Killeffer Park Clean Up

2018 – Friends of the Library Donation Killeffer Park Clean Up